60 years of innovation


The most iconic name in the surf industry is celebrating it's 60th year of operation and innovation with a global art tour curated by Monster Children. Starting in Sydney on March 15th, artworks by Thomas Campbell, Geoff McFetridge, Mark Penxa, Jim Phillips Jr, Tim Chapman and Liam Gerrard, along with a plethora of O'Neill memorabilia will be exhibited in a global art and innovation tour. The exhibition will travel through Asia, Africa, Europe and North America, with the final exhibition being seen in Santa Cruz at the O'Neill Cold Water Classic WT surf event in November.

O’Neill 60 Years of Innovation | Durban, South Africa


Last night the South African surf industry, pro surfers (including Jordy Smith), artists & O’Neill lovers packed “Upstairs Bar Spiga” in Durban to celebrate Jack O’Neill & the 60 years of innovation he started in 1952. Here’s a few photo’s from the amazing night!

A huge thank you to everyone involved!

All photo’s courtesy of Ryan Miller


















Umthombo | Durban

Here’s some images of the Umthombo kids and their art contributions for the big show in Durban tomorrow night.


 Jack surfing ( Andile Zwane)


Jack with beard ( Fihle Mbuto)


Group effort from all the kids.

Shaun Oakley | Durban


What did you know of Jack O’Neill & his iconic look before submitting your
I knew the brand O’Neill, but wasn’t aware of the Sea dog/Pirate, Jack O’Neill himself. His iconic look made me more amped to take part in his 60 Year Anniversary and also gave me the chance to add my own flavor.

What medium’s do you work with?
I work with many mediums, spray paint being one of them for many years of my life, but these days I’m moving on to more vector work, illustrations and stickers. Less hack, cheaper and less problems with police. Haha

What do you call your style of art?
I actually have no idea.. Give me time, I’ll work on that.

Are you classically trained?
I did art at school, I studied at Vega Brand school where I got my degree in Visual Communications and started messing around with Adobe illustrator. I also have been sketching and painting for 11 years so I guess all of these things have played a part in where I am today as an artist.

Where would you like to see your piece eventually hanging?
I’d like to see my piece hanging in Jack O’Neill’s house or ship. Birthday Present. =)

Name: Shaun Oakley AKA MrPersonality
Medium: Vector Work on Adobe Illustrator
Website: iamrpersonality.tumblr.com
Age: 24
Home Town: Durban

Coenie Nel | South Africa


What did you know of Jack O’Neill & his iconic look before submitting your

Before I heard about the 60 Year Art & Innovation Tour I didn’t know about Jack O’Neill
himself, only the cool surfing brand. I read up on Jack and looked at photos
after hearing about the tour and found that he had amazing characteristics.
The beard and eye cap also reminded me of a pirate. I wanted to paint him as a
pirate but thought that he looked to kind and generous to be equipped with
swords and pistols. I found the photo of him where he was talking about his
life and Drew Kampion’s book, It’s Always Summer On The Inside, and thought
that it showed the characteristics that allot of people identify him with. I
also stuck with the picture because it has emotional value to it, as if it’s
saying: ‘a man who has lived’.

What medium’s do you work with?

I love the messy look in my work, so I mainly use charcoal, ink or oil color.
I also do digital art for which I use Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks.

What do you call your style of art?

I don’t have a specific style for my art, but I am inspired by works in styles
of Expressionism, Impressionism and Magic Realism. I’m also a huge fan of
concept art and I try to get that effect in my work.

Are you classically trained?

No. I’ve been exposed to art from a very young age and experimented with
different mediums and styles. I didn’t study Fine Art or had any formal
training in it.

Where would you like to see your piece eventually hanging?

Anywhere where it will inspire people, I believe a piece of art must have it’s
own journey.

Paul-Louis Louw | South Africa


What did you know of Jack O’Neill & his iconic look before submitting your
I remember seeing Jack O’Neill in an advert like 10 years ago, thinking this dude really looks like a pirate. He’s a perfect character with his classic eye patch & big beard. Oh..I’m currently surfing an O’Neill epic..great suit!

What medium’s do you work with? 
Pencil & Fine-liner mostly. Then I’d take my work into Photoshop or Illustrator, depending on what look I’m going for, and get it ready for production.

What do you call your style of art? 
I’d like to say it’s a hybrid between hand drawn and computer drawn. Modern mesh. Pop art perhaps.

Are you classically trained? 
I studied graphic design at University, but drawing is something I’ve been doing since I can remember.

Where would you like to see your piece eventually hanging? 
Wow, anywhere it’ll be appreciated. 

Name: Paul-Louis Louw

Age: 30

Location: Cape Town

Size: A3 poster (could be blown up to A2)

Meduim: Pen, Pencil, Illustrator & Photoshop

Allister Starke | South Africa


Here’s a little taste of the art work were receiving for the upcoming Durban Art & Innovation tour.

What did you know of Jack O’Neill & his iconic look before submitting your
Sea dog and an eye patch.

What medium’s do you work with? Photographic prints.

What do you call your style of art? Fine art African photography.

Are you classically trained? Nope, but classically read.

Where would you like to see your piece eventually hanging? In a sea cottage or corporate office.

Photographic print on canvass. Size A3.
Website www.noshoesproductions.com

Umthombo is a South African organization that is dedicated to the street children problem in Durban. They get kids off the street by introducing them in activities like Surfing, Skate Boarding and Martial Arts as well as teaching them life skills in a safe & fun environment. The O’Neill 60 year Art & Innovation Tour will be donating part of the proceeds made from the sale of the commissioned works after the final exhibition in Santa Cruz to Umthombo.

O’Neill 60 years of innovation Art tour, Scheveningen, The Netherlands.