60 years of innovation


The most iconic name in the surf industry is celebrating it's 60th year of operation and innovation with a global art tour curated by Monster Children. Starting in Sydney on March 15th, artworks by Thomas Campbell, Geoff McFetridge, Mark Penxa, Jim Phillips Jr, Tim Chapman and Liam Gerrard, along with a plethora of O'Neill memorabilia will be exhibited in a global art and innovation tour. The exhibition will travel through Asia, Africa, Europe and North America, with the final exhibition being seen in Santa Cruz at the O'Neill Cold Water Classic WT surf event in November.

Next stop NYC - 10 October

The next stop of the 60 Years of Innovation Global Art Tour heads across the pond to New York City on 10 October. We’re also teaming up with freeride snowboard legend Jeremy Jones as he screens his new film Further, the final part of his 3 film journey into the fresh lines of uncharted backcountry mountains.

Get into it!


Another artist contributing to the recent stop of O’Neill’s 60 Years of Innovation Global Art Tour in Biarritz was Sam Dougados. Sam took the his art to the next level with a huge sand drawing on at Cotes de Basque, one of Biarritz’s most famous beaches, that was 30 meters wide by 25 meters high.

Not only did Sam create this huge piece, he also submitted two smaller pieces for inclusion in the gallery.

Check out Sam’s commentary below…

"For this exhibition, I created two pieces around Jack O’ Neill’s face: the first on the beach directly, drawing the logo and text directly on the beach of the Cotes De Basques, an ideal natural canvas for the beach art."

"The face is around thirty meters high on 25 meters wide. The difficulty for this job was to be as close as possible to the picture, whilst maintaining perspective. Once finished, the overhanging cliff  allowed me to take some nice photos, showing all dimensions of work in its original space."

"The second job, in the gallery this time was also to my tried and trusted techniques and using the medium of sand."

"With a gluegun and some tinted sand, I drew on the ground the outlines of the same logo of Jack O’ Neill then cover it with sand. On this "stain" of sand right in the middle of the gallery space, I stenciled the O’ NEILL logo in black tinted sand."

"Like on the beach, the guests, throughout the party, erased it little by little. Using a wave of human footprints and good times, not just the water of the sea."

One of the more lighthearted looks at a portrait of Jack had multiple references to pop culture with the series 'What if Jack had met…'

Two professional creatives, Philippe Guillermic and Lewis Gennaro, using their experience in the advertising industry worked together on creating these different pieces using varying graphic styles.

"It’s well known that Jack O’Neill has inspired a whole generation of surfers. No doubt that he could have also inspired generations of artists. This series is a tribute to Jack’s unique style and personality through various painting and graphic styles : surrealism, cubism, pop-art, comics, 8bit/pixelart, modern art."

One of the artists submissions at the recent stop in Biarritz, France was a dark and mysterious lightshade with painted x - ray slides, we caught up with Amandine Sanchez who created this piece.

Amandine Sanchez
O’Neill Euroteam rider (2010 surfing french champion) & artist
DOB: 16/02/1984
Website: http://amandinesanchez.blogspot.fr/

‘Jack’ by Amandine Sanchez

“It’s almost been a decade I surfed for O’Neill and when they told me about the art gallery tour for the 60 years anniversary of the brand, I just had a “lightening Flash” of Jack!!”

“My art is a part of me and my surf stories, and Jack is an important part of that. The last few years have been pretty tough with injuries, there’s nothing worse for a surfer to be out of the water!”

“I was in a sport clinic for few weeks recovering from an operation, my days were boring with scans, MRI’s, X-rays…and I started to make a lamp shade with the slides that came back, just for fun and killed some time in there. A few friends saw what I’d started and convinced me to keep going.”

“I used some x-rays from my shoulder and from my hand’s friend, then I painted Jack’s face on and there we are. Painting on this kind of material was kind of creepy but fun! I mounted the light to a old wooden tripod, I like to think that was something that Jack would have in his garage from years ago.”

L’expo des 60 ans de O’Neill à Biarritz - O’Neill Global Art Tour - 60 Years of Innovation


Here are a few photos from the recent exhibition in Belgium. It was a surf, skate, wake, snow event, all run at the beach, with music festival and live art shows.

Next stop France!